Welcome to Compass Outdoor Design! Our outdoor design company creates beautiful outdoor living designs to suit your needs and wants, including building pergolas. A pergola is a simple outdoor structure that consists of columns and that supports beams and rafters for a see-through roof (although you can add in cloth to make the covered). Pergolas are great places to spend your outdoor time with friends and family. They provide the perfect shelter, but they still let in the light. Add in your favorite flowering plants for a splash of color and life, and you’ll be ready to rest, relax, and enjoy. Call our outdoor design company today!

  1. Reasons You Shouldn’t Purchase A Cheap Pergola Kit

    When you envision what the perfect backyard looks like, your mind likely pictures a relaxing oasis that you can retreat to after a long day – or a space where you can host gatherings and entertain guests. When it comes to all the outdoor living essentials, in addition to covered patios, pergolas a…Read More

  2. A Guide To Choosing a Pergola For Your Backyard

    Adding a pergola to your backyard is a unique way to enhance the look of your outdoor living space. Pergolas not only create a defined space for outdoor entertainment and enjoyment, but they also extend your outdoor living area all together. Whether you’d like to create a relaxing, shaded area bes…Read More