A sunroom is a room in your home that lets in the sun. It’s typically a room that has three walls as windows that are fully enclosed from the outside room. You can think of a sunroom as an outdoor patio or pergola just with walls. A sunroom goes by many names, including solarium, sun porch, three season room, Florida room, garden room, and more. Originating in Europe these sunrooms are popular across the world as great gathering places and outdoor living spaces.

Compass Outdoor Design offers sunroom installation in DFW. Our expert outdoor design team has been offering the best in outdoor design spaces, from covered patios and pools to outdoor kitchen installations and fire pits. Our outdoor design company ensures that you are 100% satisfied with our workmanship. We work intimately with our customers to ensure every detail is correct. Below, we’ll examine some of the benefits of a Dallas sunroom. Contact our outdoor design company for a custom free design quote today!


Lets in Natural Light

Our bodies need sunlight in order to survive. We get vitamin D from the sun, which helps us to absorb calcium and promote bone growth. Sunlight is also believed to stimulate our brain to produce serotonin, the feel-good chemical that makes us feel happy and calm. In fact, the reason depression is higher in the winter is because there is less sunlight and we tend to stay indoors more rather than go outside. Thus, a sunroom with its three window walls lets in abundant light that can brighten our day and our mood.

Creates a Warm, Outdoor Living Space

Having a warm, outdoor living space attached to your home that you can enjoy is a true benefit. You can sit in your sunroom no matter the weather or season. You can be protected from bugs and mosquitoes that can carry diseases. If you suffer from allergies, you can still enjoy nature and being outdoors without exacerbating any respiratory condition you have. You can surround yourself with greenery and create a very comfortable sitting area to read books or take an afternoon nap. You can invite your friends over for a cup of coffee. You can use the space for the kids for Thanksgiving dinner. Compass Outdoor Design in Dallas notes that having a comfortable covered outdoor living space that is custom to your needs in your home offers versatility and comfort you wouldn’t have otherwise.

Increases Your Home’s Value

Besides adding on square footage to your home that obviously creates value, you will be creating a unique space that will make your home stand out from the crowd that potential buyers will love should you decide to sell your home. A sunroom is such a versatile space that anyone who moves into your home can use it for a variety of uses, such as for a home office, an art studio, or as a place to write novels. Plus, when you add in the health benefits of a sunroom, anyone who uses the space will be increasing their quality of life as well.

Saves on Utility Bills

Compass Outdoor Design in DFW suggests that you can think of a sunroom as a giant solar panel. Due to the windows that let in all of the light, sunlight streams into the room, heating it. This heat will naturally flow into adjacent rooms, especially if the door is left open. This will heat those rooms as well. This cuts down on your home heating bill in the winter. In the summer, you can close the door and keep the heat in the sunroom instead of allowing it into your home.


Compass Outdoor Design in DFW creates customized, unique outdoor living spaces for your needs, including sunrooms. Sunrooms are such great areas that once you have one, you’ll wonder how you survived without one before. From creating a kids playroom to putting in your home exercise equipment, a sunroom can really serve any purpose. You can even turn your sunroom into a greenroom for a herb garden. Sunrooms are great ways to bring nature indoors to you. You can sit comfortably and just enjoy the view.

Compass Outdoor Design offers amazing covered outdoor living spaces for your Dallas home. Begin to experience the outdoors in a whole different way today. Call us for a free estimate!