There are a wide variety of options available when it comes to the exterior of your residential property. With the popularity of outdoor living design increasing, homeowners are looking for ways to transform their backyard into a usable space that can be enjoyed even on the hottest summer days. Out of all of the available outdoor features, though, pergolas are one of the more common backyard additions that homeowners use to bring shade, comfort, and a dash of elegance to their patio space.

Add Some Shade To Your Outdoor Living Area

A pergola can serve as a way to get out of the sun or just add some aesthetic appeal to your backyard or landscape. Because outdoor pergolas are freestanding structures, they can be installed just about anywhere on your property! At Compass Outdoor Design, our pergola builders can design the perfect outdoor pergola to ensure your backyard has the look and feel that you’ve always dreamed of. Similar to a deck, proper pergola installation is important, and if your pergola design isn’t done specifically to fit your home, your backyard may not have the exact look that you desire. When you work with our professionals for your outdoor living design project, you’ll get a beautiful pergola that brings the following benefits to your backyard:


  • Adds Privacy. Adding a backyard pergola to your outdoor space creates a semi-private space for you to relax in. Adding curtains or lattices of plants can enhance privacy and create a quiet, relaxing space for you to unwind after a long day.
  • Enhances Garden and Pool Areas. Many homeowners choose to have a pergola installed near their pool or garden area. Pergolas will add a significant amount of shade to these areas, making them more enjoyable throughout the year. 
  • Increase Home Value. Pergolas are a smart, cost-effective, and simple way to add value to your home. A beautiful and usable outdoor space is something that buyers are always looking for when searching for a new home.
  • Great For Outdoor Entertainment. An outdoor pergola provides the perfect space for outdoor entertainment. It is great for keeping your outdoor furniture safe from the forces of nature, ensuring your entertainment area is always ready for action.


Schedule a Consultation With Our Patio Builders

If you are interested in adding a pergola to your backyard, contact the team at Compass Outdoor Design. From the initial consultation and construction to the finished product, our pergola builders will work with you every step of the way to ensure your new structure will meet wants, needs, and budget. To learn more about pergola design and outdoor pergola installation, contact us today!