With the increasing trend of outdoor living over the past few years, pergolas have become one of the most popular additions for backyard spaces. There are many benefits of pergolas, not only is it a great way to define and extend your existing outdoor living area, but they create a shaded area great for relaxing, eating, and enjoying your outdoor space. They look great as an addition off of your home, near your pool, or in secluded garden space.

With the increased popularity in these fairly simple structures, a variety of prefabricated pergola kits have become available for those do-it-yourself enthusiasts, but they may not actually be the best choice for your backyard. Instead, it may be worth looking into working with an experienced pergola contractor. Rather than take the DIY pergola approach, we are going to share why hiring a professional Dallas / Fort Worth pergola builder is the better choice!


While some pergola kits are much nicer than others, it’s fair to say that most are made with low-quality materials. As an outdoor structure, your pergola needs to be able to withstand tough weather conditions. When you hire a professional pergola installer to build your outdoor structure, you can rest assured that your pergola will be built with the highest quality materials. In addition to innovative design techniques, there are new materials always being added to the industry, and patio contractors have exclusive access to them. Whether you want your pergola to be constructed from aluminum, steel, or wood, the structure will last for years to come when installed by a professional pergola contractor. 


While it isn’t too complicated setting up prefabricated pergola kits, there is much more that goes into adding them to your backyard. Size, shape, and placement are just a few of the many factors that need to be weighed. Professional pergola contractors have much more experience than you (more than likely), and they will be able to perform a site analysis of your backyard space to determine the best possible location and design of your pergola. Pergola contractors are certainly knowledgeable when it comes to the aspects of outdoor living project sand will be able to make suggestions for your outdoor living area and how to best move forward.


When you get a pergola kit at your favorite home improvement store you are not only getting an outdoor structure that may be made with low-quality materials, but more than likely than not, other people are going to have that exact same pergola in their backyard. Sure, it’s not a huge fuss, but why not make your yard unique with a custom pergola designed and built by professional patio contractors? Experts can build a pergola that is custom-designed to fit the needs of your home and backyard space. You can also have any special features or additions of your choice incorporated. 


Sure, any DIY work comes cheaper than hiring a professional. That is a given. But think of all the mistakes that can take place; from the minor mistakes that cause you frustration to the more serious ones that will have you dishing more money out for new materials and repairs. Instead of putting yourself through that trouble, let a pergola contractor handle the workload! From the material and location selection to the construction and stain finishing, patio contractors have mastered installing outdoor structures and do not make the costly mistakes that can set the completion of your pergola, and your bank account, back a few steps. 

Choose Compass Outdoor Design For Pergola Installation

Rather than try to pull off a DIY pergola project, hire a professional pergola contractor — we promise you will be happier with your decision. As one of the leading pergola contractors in Fort Worth, Compass Outdoor Design can install a beautiful pergola in your backyard that is designed to fit the needs of your outdoor living area. If you are interested in learning more or receiving a free estimate for pergola installation, contact us today! Until then, check out our Guide To Choosing A Pergola For Your Backyard.