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When you’re outside enjoying your outdoor living space, it can be cumbersome to always be traipsing in and out of the house all day long, making lunch, bringing out lemonade and snacks for the kids, or just grabbing a glass of water. If you have an outdoor pool, you are bringing water in as well every time you are going in and out of your home. Not only is this inconvenient, but it also creates a lot more work to clean up the water, dirt, mud, and more that is being brought in and out of the house all day long. Having an outdoor kitchen can change all that.

Compass Outdoor Design in Dallas is a patio contractor that creates custom outdoor kitchens for your enjoyment and ease. Whether you just want to add an outdoor fridge and sink or you want to add a full-size kitchen, complete with outdoor grill, bar, fridge, sink, dishwasher, and more, we’ve got your outdoor design needs covered. Below, we’ll offer up tips on how to plan your outdoor kitchen. Contact our outdoor design company for a free quote today!


Consider Your Uses

When creating an outdoor living space design, you’ll need to consider it’s uses. For example, if you are adding in a pool and a kitchen, you’ll need to ensure you have the space to do so comfortably. For the outdoor kitchen, do you just want the bare necessities, such as a mini-fridge and sink for your own personal use, or are you creating a bigger space complete with an outdoor grill, sink, fridge, and counter space for entertaining? If you are planning a covered patio because you want to be able to sit outside out of the elements, your outdoor kitchen may have to be adjacent to your chairs. Do you want a bar for more formal occasions? In essence, Compass Outdoor Designs in Dallas recommends you get clear on what your uses will be as you begin to design your outdoor living space.

Consider The Appliances

The appliances you want will play a big role in your outdoor kitchen design. Now, there are a lot of options to choose from, such as a grill, smoker, refrigerator, kegerator, dishwasher, sink, ice maker, and more. Again, here your uses of your outdoor living space will play a role as well in which appliances you value the most. For most people, a refrigerator and a sink are the absolute bare necessities, along with their grill. Having a fridge and a sink will make the trips back and forth inside and out minimal. Furthermore, having cold beverages at your fingertips on a hot July day in Dallas is a convenience everyone wants. For some, their grills are built-in their kitchen design; for others, it is left a bit further away from the kitchen due to the smoke. Having a kegerator and ice maker is important if you will use these appliances frequently.

Consider Your Layout

The size of your backyard will largely be the determining factor of the layout of your outdoor living space design; however, the location of your back entrance to your home plays a role as well. Many people love the idea of being able to step out of their back door immediately into a sitting area, which creates a seamless from from the indoors to the outside and makes the covered patio space seem like an additional room in your home. Typically, we start with the biggest design element first and work our way down. Thus, if you are adding a pool, that will be designed first, then your outdoor kitchen and appliances, and then your sitting area. Once that is determined, the details will be designed, as well as the flow.


By creating an outdoor kitchen, you are adding another living space to your home that holds many benefits of being outdoors. You can wake up every morning and watch the sunrise with your morning cup of coffee. You can invite your neighbors over and sit under the stars, enjoying the cool evening with great conversation. You can have a pool party for your daughter’s birthday, complete with cake and ice cream in your outdoor fridge. You can grill hot dogs and hamburgers for your son’s baseball team and host company team gatherings at your house. Having a beautiful, unique outdoor kitchen opens up the world to your convenience and enjoyment — and we all need a little more of that in our lives.

Compass Outdoor Design in Dallas offers patio design services, pool and patio designs, landscaping, as well as outdoor kitchens. Bring your outdoor living space to life when you partner with us for outdoor designs services. Contact us for your outdoor kitchen design!