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“The world is your oyster” is a popular phrase that means you can go anywhere in life, do anything, and be anything. Taken from Shakespeare, the oyster was opened with a sword so that the pearl inside could be taken. The pearl signifies all of life’s riches can be had by you.

This phrase also applies to planning your outdoor kitchen. Your backyard space can be anything you want it to be, from an outdoor pool oasis to an outdoor kitchen that you use more than your indoor kitchen.

Compass Outdoor Design in Dallas operates with Shakespeare’s quote in mind, as we believe in taking your outdoor space and turning it into whatever your heart desires. We have years of experience in bringing people’s visions to life. We are passionate about giving you a place to enjoy for years to come. Below, we’ll continue our look at outdoor kitchens by offering up more tips on how to plan yours. Contact our outdoor patio design company today for a free estimate!


Consider Your Seating

For many people, the seating area is the focal point of their outdoor design space. Their main use is to have friends over, sit outside, drink coffee or tea, and visit. Thus, not only is having a covered patio or a pergola a priority, but their seating arrangement sets the tone of the outdoor space. Furthermore, some people want their seating a bit away from their outdoor kitchen so it creates its own space and atmosphere and keeps the area cleaner as well.

Consider Your Landscaping

It can be very easy to fill your entire backyard with design elements that you forget about keeping the greenery that adds to the beauty of your backyard. For example, you may have to shrink your pool in order to keep a corner of your yard free for landscape design, such as trees, perennials, and flower beds. If you have a particular landscape feature you want to keep, you’ll have to design your outdoor living space around that, such as a large shade tree that adds value and beauty to your yard. Many people have backyards that open up onto an open space or a forested area.

Consider The Materials

Being outdoors, even under a pergola or covered patio, your outdoor kitchen, patio furniture, and hot tub will all be subject to the elements. While we love to watch a spring rain and bask in the fall sun, the elements are harsh on your outdoor items, especially the wind, snow, and extreme heat. Thus, Compass Outdoor Design recommends that you select materials that can withstand the elements, such as outdoor appliances and weatherproof cushions. You’ll also want to ensure your outdoor kitchen can be easily cleaned.


Compass Outdoor Design creates custom outdoor kitchens and living spaces in the DFW area. For years, we’ve been helping area residents create beautiful outdoor living spaces to enjoy and share with their friends, family, and neighbors. Whether your focal point is a seating area with an outdoor fireplace, or you prefer a lovely pool area for the kids, we’ve got you covered. Contact us today for a free estimate!