With the ability to include any elements that you have in your indoor kitchen outdoors, the popularity of Dallas outdoor kitchens has quickly increased over the past few years as they can transform your outdoor living space into a true cooking and entertainment destination.

In addition to the features and appliances incorporated into your indoor kitchen, there are a few unique features that are almost exclusive to outdoor kitchens, especially an outdoor pizza oven. If you enjoy cooking, entertaining, spending time outside — and most of all, pizza — you should consider the benefits of a backyard pizza oven.

Why Add An Outdoor Pizza Oven To Your Patio Space

Anyone who has tasted brick- or wood-fired pizza knows that it has a taste and crispness far superior to delivery pizza or pizza that is cooked in a regular oven. With a wide variety of seasonal ingredients, herbs, cheeses, and specialty meats, pizza is a highly versatile dish that is great for family meals and gatherings or events that you may host, making it a great focus for a section of your outdoor kitchen. Let’s explore some of the other advantages of adding a pizza oven to your outdoor space.

Never Get Delivery Again

With a wood-fire pizza oven in your backyard, you’ll never want to order delivery or deal with baking a frozen pizza ever again! In addition to the unique variety of cheeses, meats, fresh vegetables, and other toppings that can be used, pizza ovens can cook at a much higher heat, making it easy to quickly whip up a hot and fresh pizza pie with a burst of flavors that your local pizza joint cannot match

Can Serve As A Centerpiece of Your Outdoor Space

A backyard pizza oven can certainly serve as the focal point of your outdoor living space. As you likely know already, outdoor living spaces add an extension of usable space to your home. They create an area to gather with and entertain friends and family. A pizza oven can be installed on an attractive patio, or it can be integrated into a larger outdoor kitchen, which can range from simple grills and storage cabinets to a combination of countertops, grill tops, stove tops, refrigerators, and other appliances. Not to mention, outdoor kitchens generally cost less to install than enclosed living spaces.

Variety of Design Options

Just like the variety of toppings that can be used on your wood-fired pizzas, outdoor pizza ovens are available in many different styles and designs. Some of the most common backyard pizza ovens are made with stainless steel, stone, stucco, modern, or brick. From creating an authentic Italian style outdoor kitchen complete with a pergola and greenery, or a clean, modern look, the design options are endless.

Make More Than Just Pizza

While the sole purpose of pizza ovens is to create and bake delicious pizza, there is so much more that you can do with these high-heat outdoor ovens. Pizza ovens can be used to cook all sorts of dishes, including meats, vegetables, breads, desserts, and so much more! A quick and simple search online can reveal hundreds of backyard pizza oven recipes that are worth giving a try.

Increase Value and Curb Appeal

Most people know how an outdoor living space can increase the curb appeal and market value of your home, and an outdoor pizza oven will only make the return on investment better. While they are unique, a pizza oven will help not only add monetary value to your home, but it can be a huge interest to some prospective buyers when the time comes to sell your home.

Enticing your family and friends to join you outside for wood- or brick-oven pizza will be a breeze with a new pizza oven and will certainly put your guests in favor of always having dinner at your place. Adding a pizza oven to your outdoor space will certainly create some memories and improve the options and capabilities your outdoor kitchen has.

If you are interested in an outdoor kitchen or adding an outdoor pizza oven to your outdoor living space, the team at Compass Outdoor Design can help. As a leading outdoor design company, we have installed a variety of outdoor pizza ovens in Dallas and the surrounding areas. If you would like to learn how a backyard pizza oven would fit into your backyard or into your existing outdoor living space, contact our patio designers today!