Just because the temperatures are cooler does not mean you can’t enjoy the outdoors and your patio space. Adding a fire feature such as an outdoor fireplace or built-in fire pit to your Dallas area backyard makes it easier to enjoy the perfect balance between the sweltering heat of Texas summers and the cooler temperatures of the winter season. Whether entertaining family, friends, and guests or just enjoying the peace and solitude of your own backyard is your goal, both fire pits and outdoor fireplaces are a great way to warm up your outdoor living space. Some of the benefits include:

  • Great for entertaining guests
  • Create a unique way to cook
  • Adds an ambiance to your backyard
  • Can boost your property value
  • Keeps you warm and cozy

It is no secret— both options are great features to add to your backyard, and choosing which is the best can be a challenge for homeowners. They both add warmth to your outdoor living space on a cool evening, but they are very different in terms of size, structure, and other aspects. At Compass Outdoor Design, our talented team has years of experience with fire pit and outdoor fireplace designs. We know choosing between the two can be a challenge. In this blog, our patio contractors share some information to hopefully make your selection easier. 

Outdoor Fireplace

If you want to add more of an ambiance and classy feel to your backyard, an outdoor fireplace is a great choice! Not only does it create a gorgeous focal point for your outdoor living space, but it also adds depth to the space and a natural, private area for guests to gather. Outdoor fireplaces are a great addition to a covered patio, but they also look great with a pergola. Plus, they can be customized. Custom outdoor fireplaces can be built to any shape or size to fit perfectly with your existing backyard landscape. They can also be fueled by gas or be wood-burning.

Outdoor Fit Pit

Fire pits are fairly easy to incorporate into your outdoor living space. Traditional outdoor fire pits are circular. However, square or triangular fire pit designs create a very unique look. Fire pits are suitable for guests to gather around during parties, creating an experience that is both intimate as well as interactive – think s’mores or roasting weenies! They are also easy to install, use, and can fit seamlessly with an existing patio space or furniture. Plus, they are generally less expensive than an outdoor fireplace.

Do You Want To Add A Fire Feature To Your Patio? 

If you still are not sure which outdoor fire feature is best for your patio space, you can always rely on the expert patio contractors at Compass Outdoor Design to help you choose the best option. We will examine your available space and take your wants, needs, and budget into consideration to determine which fire element is best for your outdoor living space. To learn more about outdoor fireplaces, fire pits, and custom outdoor fireplaces or to schedule a hassle-free consultation, contact us today!