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Having a covered patio in the Dallas/Fort Worth area is almost a necessity if you want to spend time outdoors during the summer heat. The Texas sun can be relentless, but when you have a covered patio, the sun is tolerable, and you can enjoy your time in your outdoor living space.

Compass Outdoor Design creates custom covered patios for both homeowners and businesses in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. Our patio contracting company offers a wide array of outdoor living services, including outdoor kitchens, pools, sunrooms, water features, outdoor fireplaces, and more. We’re dedicated to bringing our knowledge and experience to your outdoor living design so you can enjoy the wonderful benefits being in nature affords. One of the many benefits of having a covered patio is being able to have covered patio plants. Below, we’ll explore these benefits a bit more in-depth. Contact us for a free quote today!


Plants Boost Your Creativity

The color green makes us think of nature, and being in nature and outdoors has many health benefits. When you have covered patio plants, you bring nature closer to you, and when you look at them, your mood improves, your mind clears, and you’re able to think better, enabling creativity to reign supreme.

Plants Improve Your Air Quality

Plants need carbon dioxide to make their food. Thus, plants are constantly taking in carbon dioxide and giving out life-breathing oxygen that we need to survive. When plants take in the air, they also clean the air of pollutants, which helps if you have any sort of respiratory problems. They also clean up any pollutants your pets bring in on their fur and paws from the outside world as well.

Plants Help Reduce Stress

When you add covered patio plants to your covered patio, you’ll be adding in not only life, but also design that is interesting and stimulating. Covered patio plants also help you to destress and help to lower your heart rate because they do invoke nature. When you combine covered patio plants with other design elements, such as our outdoor fireplaces or a water feature that is either outdoors or that bubbles placidly under your covered patio, you’ll have a powerful combination.


Covered patios are nice to have here in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. They help you to enjoy the outdoors more, as well as bring nature closer to you. They help you to have a placid state of mind, as well as give you something to take care of. Covered patio plants come in all types, from flowering plants to vine-like, compact, or even withery. They come with different needs; some needing lots of light and water and others needing not-so-much. Covered patio plants add a nice touch and can most definitely brighten up your covered patio design.

If you need a covered patio design, outdoor kitchen, pool, water feature, or outdoor pergola, call Compass Outdoor Design in DFW for a free quote today!