The new year is just a few days away! The New Year is a time where people set resolutions that tend to be about changing, growing, and investing in themselves for the better. However, resolutions don’t only have to be for personal change and growth. More and more homeowners  are making home improvement resolutions to enhance their living environment, making life better for both themselves and those around them. 

Just like personal New Year resolutions, home improvement-centered resolutions take similar directions: we look inside and outside to see what needs to go, what needs to be added, and what needs to be improved upon to make life better. One area to consider focusing on this year when it comes to home improvement resolutions is your backyard. Your backyard offers endless opportunities that will help both you and your family get more enjoyment out of the outdoors. 

New Year, New Backyard: Resolutions To Help You Enjoy Your Yard More

Take a look at your backyard. With the available space you have, are there any goals that come to mind? Think about how you can improve your environment and your lifestyle in a meaningful way. To help you get inspired, we are going to share some ideas to help you get more enjoyment out of your backyard. 

Add Some Shade With A Pergola or Covered Patio

Especially in Texas, the extreme heat of the summer season makes it intriguing to stay inside your cool, air-conditioned home. One way to make your backyard more comfortable, especially during the summer, is to add some shade. There are two popular ways to add shade to your backyard: you can add a pergola or a covered patio to your space. A pergola is a standalone structure that blocks out a proportion of the sunlight that hits them, depending on the actual amount of available shade depends heavily on the angle of the sun. Covered patios, on the other hand, can be built as an extension of your home. A covered patio allows you to enjoy the outdoors more, providing plenty of shade to keep you comfortable even during the hottest summer days.

Take Your Grilling Game To The Next Level

Texans are known for grilling and barbecuing. Many homeowners keep their conventional grills out back. Sure a conventional grill and sub-par knowledge of grilling will get the job done, but with the right equipment and know-how, you can take your grill game to the next level. The internet is a great resource to learn some of the best grilling techniques and recipes, so taking the time to do some research can really pay off. Additionally, having the right equipment can really make a difference. Consider an outdoor kitchen, for instance. A covered patio will allow you the opportunity to add a fully-functional kitchen. You can add countertops, a refrigerator, a stainless steel grill, a smoker, you can even add a brick pizza oven if you want! A professionally-designed outdoor kitchen will make cooking and grilling outdoors more enjoyable. 

Entertain Outdoors More Often

Your backyard is a great space for entertaining your friends, family, and other guests that are invited over to your home. With both a covered patio and an outdoor kitchen, outdoor entertaining is already made easier. However, there is much more that you can do to transform your patio into an entertaining outdoor living space. For instance, adding outdoor furniture to create a seating and conversation area is key for outdoor entertaining. Along with an outdoor kitchen, you’ll want to have a dining area for family members and guests to sit at. And, if you want to use your outdoor patio for year-round entertaining, an outdoor fireplace is essential!

Let Compass Outdoor Design Help With Your “New Yard Resolutions”

Whatever your goals and aspirations for your new backyard, you can rely on Compass Outdoor Design to help you with outdoor living design. As one of the best patio contractors in Dallas, our team can turn your dreams into reality. Whether you want an outdoor fireplace or a completely custom outdoor living space, our team of experienced patio designers can get the job done. If you are interested in discussing your ideas for an outdoor living space, contact us!