A pergola is something many Dallas/Fort Worth homeowners would like to add to their backyard. These beautiful backyard additions add character and value to your life, giving you a perfect area to sit and just be. You can entertain beneath a pergola and see the stars. You can be sheltered from the mid-day sun while still being in nature. There are many ways a pergola installation can transform your backyard.

Compass Outdoor Design is a pergola builder in Dallas/Fort Worth. Our outdoor design-build company has years of experience in creating beautiful outdoor living spaces for our customers, including by installing pergolas. Below, we’ll take a look at how a pergola installation can transform your backyard. Contact our outdoor living space company for a free quote today!


Pergolas Add Character

A pergola is a wooden structure that can be attached to your DFW home, or it can stand alone. It consists of four columns at the corners with an open roof that consists of crossing beams. Interestingly, the word “pergola” comes from the Latin “pergula,” which means “projecting eave.” there are many different types, styles, and colors to choose from, making this a very versatile addition to your outdoor living space. Because of the material and the old-style look of a pergola, a pergola installation can add a certain character to your backyard that is hard to get from any other outdoor feature.

Pergolas Are Extremely Flexible

If you think about it, pergolas are exceedingly simple. They are really open homes with a frame and an open roof. Just like you customize your home anyway you like, including purposes for your home’s rooms, a pergola can be used for many purposes as well. You can put outdoor furniture beneath a pergola and create a sitting area. Pergolas can serve as cover for your outdoor garden or for your flowering plants. They can even be turned into additional patio space when you attach a pergola to your home. From coffee with friends to a relaxing afternoon reading your favorite book, a pergola installation can create new meaning to your DFW yard.

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Pergolas Create Privacy

Many homeowners live in small neighborhoods or subdivisions where they are in close proximity to people. While this is great for socialization, it can also make it hard to find some time away from others, which is important as well. Many Dallas homeowners choose to add curtains to their pergolas so that when they need some time away from others who may be watching, they can have it and still enjoy the outdoors. Pergolas also create a sound barrier, so if you want to spend some time outdoors with the kids, you can have some solace while they run around.

Pergolas Plus Plants Equals Heaven

Since pergolas are made of wooden beams and rafters, they can serve as a trellis of sorts. Many Fort Worth homeowners add tall plants, vines, and tall-growing flowers to their pergolas, creating a tree of sorts. When you are sitting outside under your pergola, you can look up and see an array of colors and smell divine scents to tantalize and inspire.


Even though the raw materials of a pergola are relatively simple, a pergola installation is best handled by a professional. As a focal point of your outdoor living design, you want your pergola to last, be sturdy, and look beautiful. The last thing you want is a shoddy DIY pergola kit that detracts from your landscape design, rather than add to it. Call us for a transformative pergola installation today!