Just like the living room or kitchen inside of your home, your home’s outdoor living space can become boring, bland, or outdated, leading you to begin searching for patio contractors that have experience with patio remodeling.

Whether or not you have an existing patio or outdoor living space, there are plenty of reasons to hire a patio contractor to help you design and build a new outdoor living space. Whether you want your outdoor space to be a spot for peace and relaxation or an area for hosting company, professional patio contractors can help you choose the best patio design to suit your needs and lifestyle.

Patio Design Ideas To Transform Your Outdoor Space

At Compass Outdoor Design, we specialize in designing and building custom outdoor living spaces to meet the needs and dreams of homeowners. While our team is able to create a custom patio design for your outdoor living space, in this blog we are going to share a few common patio designs to spark some inspiration for your own space.

PATIO DESIGN #1: Satellite Patios

Do you seek a vacation that doesn’t require leaving your home? Seems impossible, right. However, with a satellite patio, at-home vacations can become a thing! Strategically placed away from the main living quarters, satellite patios create the feeling of having a more secluded outdoor living space. For homeowners seeking additional privacy for personal time or who want a more cozy setting for entertaining guests, satellite patios may be the best choice for their outdoor space.

PATIO DESIGN #2: Garden Patios

Gardening and landscaping connoisseurs won’t be able to resist a good book or a glass of iced tea on a patio that is surrounded by all of their hard work. As the name suggests, garden patios are nestled into a rich variety of flowers and plantings. Garden patios create an enjoyable way to experience the great outdoors day in and day out.

PATIO DESIGN #3: Multi-Room Patios

An outdoor living space is a no-brainer for homeowners that cannot get enough of the great outdoors. But for those who seek more, things can be taken to the next level with a multi-room patio. This design enables homeowners to enjoy the best of everything the indoors has to offer while getting the fresh air and great aesthetics of the natural landscape. Perfect for large families and the super-social, multi-room patios can be one large patio, designed strategically to function as multiple rooms. For example, in addition to cushioned patio furniture can, this space may include an outdoor kitchen area, an outdoor fireplace, and/or a dining area featuring tables and chairs.

These are just a few patio design ideas that may be a good fit for your outdoor living space. If you are interested in professional patio builder in Dallas and the surrounding areas, you can rely on Compass Outdoor Design. Our team can design and build an outdoor living space to fit your style, wants, needs, and budget. To learn more information or request a consultation, contact us today!