No matter what time of year, both functional and aesthetically pleasing covered patio is sure to be of use year-round and boost the potential resale value of your property. After all, they serve as an extension of your living space, adding a desirable semi-living room-like space to your home. 

What Is A Covered Patio

At Compass Outdoor Designs, we specialize in designing and constructing quality outdoor living spaces in Dallas and the surrounding area. If you have followed our blog before, you may already have an idea of what a covered patio is. Different from pergolas, a covered patio is specifically designed with a covering that provides sufficient shade and relief from the sun — even during the hottest summer days — as well as protection from other elements like rain. 

When it comes to outdoor living, nothing lets you go all out more than a covered patio. No matter your design choice or the amount of available space you have to work with, there are few limitations when it comes to creating a luxurious patio space that allows you to relax and unwind while enjoying the outdoors. 

Create A Welcoming Outdoor Space With These Covered Patio Ideas

When it comes to covered patio design ideas, the opportunities are seemingly endless. Think of your soon-to-be covered patio space as an extra living room — believe us, if you design it right, you’ll certainly spend just as much (if not more) time in it. To help spark some inspiration, we are going to share some covered patio design tips. 

Choose The Right Material For Your Covered Patio

Before beginning the construction of your covered patio, one of the most important things you need to do is choose the right material and elements for the structure. Covered patios can be constructed out of a variety of materials, including wood, steel, aluminum, and vinyl. In most cases, our patio contractors would recommend choosing a material that fits best with your yard and home, especially if the structure will be connected to your house. Wood and vinyl are among the most common materials for a covered patio, but steel, aluminum, and even glass are becoming more and more popular.

Add A Personal Touch

A covered patio is not your typical outdoor patio space with unstylish furnishings and features in an unsuccessful attempt to enhance it’s comfortability. With a covered patio each design and decorating decision you make with help contributed in creating a well-catered, delightful space while conjuring a glimpse of your personality and style. Begin adding a personal touch and character by adding stylish lightweight patio furniture that fits within the scale of your covered space. Different details, like printed textiles, trendy outdoor pillows, and other items that can be easily switched out for a quick refresh can also be added. You can incorporate stylish patio light fixtures to help brighten up your outdoor living space. All in all, there are so many things you can do to make your space feel ultra-comfortable once your outdoor style reflects your personality and taste.

Reflect The Design Of Your Home

As mentioned, patio contractors recommend implementing the same design elements and styling cues that define your home into your covered patio. Doing so helps establish consistency and won’t stick out like a sore thumb. To maintain consistency, your covered patio should be constructed with similar materials and hallmarks that define your home already.

These are just a few of the many design ideas that you can use for inspiration when designing your covered patio. Keep an eye out for our next blog, as we will share some more design tips for covered patios. 

Keep in mind, if you want a covered patio that will surely make you want to spend more time outside, consider hiring professional patio contractors at Compass Outdoor Design. Our team of experts will help you design and construct a covered patio based on your wants and needs, bringing the most innovative approaches and modern covered patio ideas that you’ll enjoy for years to come. By choosing our patio design company, you’ll get a luxurious, structurally-sound, and comforting outdoor living space. 

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