It’s no secret that summers in Dallas are hot and often miserable. With the intense heat that the summer season offers, homeowners typically seek refuge in their air-conditioned living space. But the summer months are not meant to be spent inside! With the right outdoor living space, you can enjoy the outdoors without becoming uncomfortable or irritated with the sun’s harmful UV rays. 

At Compass Outdoor Designs, we specialize in creating outdoor patio designs that can be used year-round. We understand how dreadful the Texas summers can be, but luckily, with the right outdoor living space, you can seek relief from the hot sun while still enjoying the great outdoors. 

Consider An Enclosed Outdoor Area

First thing’s first, if your outdoor space is not covered you’ll want to consider some shade solutions to keep your space cool and comfortable. Without shade, your outdoor living space will be uncomfortable during the summertime. By adding a pergola or by building a durable patio cover that extends from your home, you can help deter the sun’s harmful rays. For homeowners that want to enjoy their backyard all summer long, covered outdoor living spaces are a must!

Keep Cool With Misting Fans

What’s a great way to combat the dry and hot conditions? Outdoor misting fans provide a cool, oscillating mist that will make your outdoor living area more enjoyable. Add some misting fans to your outdoor living space and stay cool even on the hottest days! Patio misting fans can lower the air temperature of the space by anywhere from 15 to 30 degrees Fahrenheit. This, of course, can make hot summer days and nights sitting on your Texas patio much more comfortable. 

Consider Expanding Your Patio Area Around Pool

A swimming pool is a great way to keep cool. To increase the comfort of your outdoor living space, installing or expanding patio area around your pool will expand your options for you and poolside. If you have an existing pool and patio, an experienced patio contractor will be able to help you integrate both together, transforming the section between them into a more usable, comfortable hardscape. A lot of patio design work can be done to bridge the two together, both regarding integrating styles and materials and also flow between on to the other.

Add An Outdoor Kitchen To Keep Beverages Cold

There’s nothing that beats the heat quite like enjoying a cold one or a fruity frozen beverage on your patio space. There are a variety of benefits of adding an outdoor kitchen to your backyard. In addition to having a space to prepare and cook food outdoors, with a fridge in your outdoor kitchen, you can keep beverages stocked and cold nearby without having to go inside or into the garage to get them. 

Contact Our Patio Contractors For Outdoor Living Design Services

Do you have an idea for your patio space? Compass Outdoor Design can help you create an outdoor living space that can be used year-round, even on the hottest summer days. When it comes to outdoor living spaces, Dallas homeowners trust our patio contracts to design an area that fits their home, style, and budget. To receive an estimate for an outdoor living space, contact us!