Fall Outdoor Living Space Care Tips compass outdoor design dfw

When the fall hits, there is a seamless never-ending list of items that must be done before the cold weather hits, from preparing your lawn for the long dormant season to ensuring your outdoor living space is ready to weather the upcoming storms. In our last blog post, we discussed some great fall care tips for your landscaping. Today, we’ll offer up some tips on how to prepare your outdoor living space for the fall and winter.

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Stow Away Your Outdoor Patio Furniture

While most outdoor patio furniture is made to be outdoors, it will last a lot longer if you store it out of the elements when you are not using it. Your metal can rust, and your seat cushions will definitely be worse from the wear sitting in the cold, rain, snow, and wind all winter long. If you do plan on using your outdoor patio furniture along with your outdoor fireplace, you can add in seasonal decor, such as pumpkins and holly, add in lights to see by at night, and remember to bring your blankets when watching the night sky.

Prepare Your Pool for the Winter

Here in Texas, we are lucky in the fact that we can extend the summer a bit longer than other places in the country. However, the time will come when you’ll have to close your pool for the winter. In order to prevent your pool from freezing, you’ll need to ensure your pool pump is run daily. Adding in winterizing chemicals is a good idea, and covering your pool with a great winter cover is highly recommended. You can lower your pool’s water level as well.

Prepare Your Water Features for the Winter

Since water features have considerably less water than your pool, it’s best to drain these completely before the winter hits. Depending on what type of water feature you have, its size, and if you have plants or fish, you may want to completely store it away for the winter. At the very least, you’ll want to cover it up to protect it and remove all plants, pumps, and other sensitive equipment. For Koi and goldfish, they can winter just fine, just be sure to add in a water heater and maybe an aerator for them. You’ll most definitely want to clean out any debris that is in the water features.

Prepare Your Outdoor Kitchen for the Winter

Depending on if you intend to use your outdoor kitchen in DFW, you will want to take care of your outdoor kitchen in the fall as well. This could entail cleaning out your refrigerator, wine cooler, kegerator, grill, and pizza oven. You should be okay in Texas not shutting off your water lines unless you plan to not use your outdoor sink or dishwasher at all. Turn off the power to your fridge is you won’t use it for months in order to save money and wear and tear. You may want to add in oil or sealant to your countertops or polish if they are stainless steel to help them winter the weather as well.


Having an outdoor oasis to retreat to at the end of a long day is super important. It can help you relieve stress and just have a great place to sit with your favorite beverage and watch the world go by.

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