Spring is right around the corner here in Dallas. The birds are starting to return, greeting us in the morning with their hopeful tunes. The grass is starting to green up, eager to soak up the sun’s rays and get to growing again after a long dormant winter. And the clouds are starting to look welcoming again, rather than ominous and foreboding.

With the advent of spring, you may be thinking about landscaping your front and/or backyard. If so, Compass Outdoor Design can help. Our outdoor living design company offers a dizzying array of landscaping services to meet your needs, from an outdoor pizza oven and pergola to help with annuals, perennials, and fountain design. Our mission is to make your outdoor living space breathtakingly beautiful, inviting, and a place to retreat from the pressures of the world. Below, we’ll offer up some spring landscaping tips. Contact our outdoor living design team to get started today!


Plan Your Flower Beds

Since most of us change our flowers from year-to-year, or at least add new ones, it can be helpful to plan your flower beds first before you plan the rest of your landscaping. Consider if your flowers will have a specific purpose, such as attracting birds or butterflies, and decide if you have a preference on specific colors, such as yellow daffodils or purple lilacs. Once you decide these, you can then lay out your flower beds where you want them the most. Pro tip: be sure to put your flower beds somewhere that you can view them easily. While your flowers may have great curb appeal, you want them to appeal to your eyes as well.

Spend Some Time In Tree Care

Your trees, shrubs, and bushes may have suffered over the winter months, especially if it was a rough winter with heavy ice storms or extreme cold. Most likely, they will need a bit of sprucing up in order to allow them the best chance for spring growth. Take some time and prune up the dead, damaged, or broken branches so that they can focus on new growth when spring hits. Also, invest in a bed of mulch or new mulch to put around the base of the trees in order to help seal in moisture and protect the roots as they begin to grow.

Invest in Fertilization

Just like humans need vitamins and minerals to grow strong and healthy, so, too do plants. While different types of fertilizers offer different nutrients for your plants, the important thing is that you fertilize to begin with. If you need advice on which fertilizer to use for your types of plants, we’re more than happy to help. Our landscape design services include designing all types of living things, including trees, flowers, and shrubs. We’ll be more than happy to help answer your questions and point you in the right direction.

Invest in Weed Control

You can have the most beautiful landscape design service in the world, complete with beautiful fountains, waterfalls, pavers, and more, but if your entire front and back yard are peppered with weeds, that will be all that anyone sees. Weeds are one of the first plants to start growing right before the official start to spring, so it’s important that you nip their growth in the bud as soon as possible. You can either invest in professional weed control service, or DIY the weeds.

Make Sure Your Irrigation System is in Tip-Top Shape

Plants need sunshine, water, air, and nutrients from the soil in order to grow. Water is vital to a plant’s growth since the amount of water will determine how much it grows in the year, how healthy it is, and how prepared it is for the winter months. Here in Dallas and Fort Worth, the summers can be quite hot with little rain. Thus, it’s important to make sure your sprinkler system is up-to-par in order to help your landscape design thrive.


Compass Outdoor Design has worked hard in order to bring you the best in outdoor design services. We offer every element you could want in your outdoor area, including outdoor kitchens, fountains, fireplaces, pergolas, fencing, gazebo, and so much more. You can watch the kids splash in the pool as you sit in your hot tub, or you can invite friends over for a laugh. By bringing nature to you, you open up new possibilities that you never knew existed.

Our landscape design firm is passionate about creating a space for you that you will love to use. After all, if you have a beautiful outdoor area, but you don’t use it, you are not maximizing it to its potential. We work extensively with you during the design process to understand what you are looking for so that your outdoor living space is an oasis, indeed. Contact us to get started today!