1. 5 More Benefits of Building an Outdoor Kitchen in Your Backyard

    Since we need to eat to survive, the act of eating has become a time-honored tradition in many ways. From sharing meal times together to gathering with friends over dinner, cooking is part of our lives that we enjoy sharing with others. Compass Outdoor Design offers the best outdoor living space des…Read More

  2. Backyard Patio Decoration Tips

    It's summer here in Dallas, and many people love to spend time outdoors on your backyard patio and/or underneath their pergola. From watching the sun rise or set to having coffee and breakfast with friends, you can relax and enjoy nature easily from the comfort of your home. Compass Outdoor Design i…Read More

  3. Types of Arbors

    CHOOSE COMPASS OUTDOOR DESIGN TODAY Compass Outdoor Design is an outdoor design company that offers residential and office outdoor living design services in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. We can help you with an outdoor kitchen, pizza oven, water feature, pool, deck, driveway, and an arbor. We use both…Read More

  4. What’s the Difference Between a Gazebo and a Pergola?

    In the past few decades, there have been a plethora of outdoor living designs to come about thanks to the rise in popularity of homeowners wanting to spend more time enjoying their backyard and nature. While this has made the variety and uniqueness factor spectacular, it has also led to some homeown…Read More

  5. Simple New Year’s Landscaping Tips

      When the winter hits and the days are shortened, most of us head home after a long day, put on our favorite pair of pajamas and slippers, and head to the warmest place in the home, such as in front of the fireplace. There is something inherently comforting about being wrapped as snug as a bug in …Read More

  6. Fall Outdoor Living Space Care Tips compass outdoor design dfw

    Fall Outdoor Living Space Care Tips

    When the fall hits, there is a seamless never-ending list of items that must be done before the cold weather hits, from preparing your lawn for the long dormant season to ensuring your outdoor living space is ready to weather the upcoming storms. In our last blog post, we discussed some great fall c…Read More

  7. Fall Outdoor Living Space Care Tips compass outdoor design dfw

    Fall Landscaping Care Tips

    Fall is many people's favorite time of the year, including residents of the Dallas/Fort Worth area. The weather cools off, the leaves turn insanely beautiful colors, and jeans and sweaters have returned. But with fall comes an end to your favorite summer activities, such as pool parties, and these a…Read More

  8. reasons choose residential landscape design company compass outdoor design dallas

    Reasons to Choose a Residential Landscape Design Company

    Many of us love the look of a well-manicured yard. The nice, crisp edges, properly trimmed trees, and perfectly potted plants give order to our lives, especially after a long day at work or school where not everything was so cut and dry. However, if you arrive home after work to your yard that, alth…Read More

  9. covered patio compass outdoor design dfw

    The Power of Covered Patio Plants

    Having a covered patio in the Dallas/Fort Worth area is almost a necessity if you want to spend time outdoors during the summer heat. The Texas sun can be relentless, but when you have a covered patio, the sun is tolerable, and you can enjoy your time in your outdoor living space. Compass Outdoor De…Read More

  10. outdoor kitchen designs compass outdoor design dfw

    More Tips for Planning Your Outdoor Kitchen

    "The world is your oyster" is a popular phrase that means you can go anywhere in life, do anything, and be anything. Taken from Shakespeare, the oyster was opened with a sword so that the pearl inside could be taken. The pearl signifies all of life's riches can be had by you. This phrase also applie…Read More