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Railing Design in Dallas/Fort Worth

Creating Great Walking Spaces

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Railings most definitely serve a functional purpose, but they can also be a beautiful adornment for any outdoor living space. Compass Outdoor Design offers railing design services throughout the Dallas/Fort Worth area. Our expert team has years of experience in crafting outdoor living spaces for you to cherish. We all want a dedicated space to unwind after work or when we are feeling stressed from all that life has to offer. By investing in outdoor design services, you can have an accessible oasis all your own. Call for a free estimate today!

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  Add beauty to functionality

  Keep everyone safe from falls

  Protects items/objects that are enclosed in your outdoor space

  Serve as a walking aid

  Give shape to space

  Assist when carrying heavy loads

  Enjoy nature

  And more!

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One could argue that railings are essential, especially for stairwells and elevated spaces. They offer safety and protection, as well as aesthetics. When designing your outdoor living space, everything matters, from the texture and the colors to the contrast between hardscape and softscape elements. By investing in the best possible railing for your space, you'll add to its seamless beauty. Let Compass Outdoor Design in DFW help you choose the handrail design for you. Call to schedule a conversation today!



Add Beauty to Functionality

Handrails come in all shapes, sizes, materials, and designs. They can be a combination of materials, such as wrought iron and wood, or they can be solid, such as a hardwood of some sort. They can have intricate designs and motifs, or they can be simple straight railings that offer a classic touch all their own. By matching your railing to your outdoor living space, you'll create another feast for your weary eyes. Call Compass Outdoor Design to get started!


Keep Everyone Safe from Falls

Railings came about due to too many people hurting themselves and falling on areas where they needed assistance. It can be all too easy to lose your balance on stairways, so you need something to grab onto to both steady yourself and catch you if you do fall. Seniors and small children who do not have the best balance especially need railings. With our railing design services, you can have the best handrail design for your needs.


Protect Items or Objects That Are Enclosed in Your Space

Mother Nature is most definitely a force to be reckoned with. Truth be told, no one (or thing) wins against her. Winds can easily move items in your outdoor space and even pick them up and blow them away if they are light enough. This includes your kids' toys, furniture, patio furniture, and umbrellas. By investing in the perfect railing design, you can rest assured that your patio furniture and other outdoor items stay put. Call us to learn more today!


Serve As a Walking Aid

Many people need assistance while walking, from seniors and children to pregnant women and everyone really. Having a railing that can help you balance, navigate at night, and provide needed support, even when you are tired. Using a railing helps children learn to navigate stairways easier and allows everyone a rest for the weary. Let Compass Outdoor Design help with your handrail design today!


Give Shape to Space

If you didn't have a railing on your bridge over your backyard pond or on your patio, deck, or balcony, you'd have just an empty space. When you invest in the best outdoor balcony railing design or stair railing design, you'll provide definition to an otherwise empty space. This, in turn, provides order, and humans in general thrive on order. Call to schedule your outdoor living space design service today!


Assist When Carrying Heavy Loads

Whether you are carrying the laundry up the stairs or you have your hands full of books from the library, it's useful to have a railing. In your outdoor space, a railing for your deck can assist when you are carrying flowers, hoses, your kids, your dogs, or any other item. They can provide a much-needed anchor point for when you need it the most. Contact our outdoor living design company in DFW today!


Enjoy Nature

Most of us have been looking over a bridge or our deck at items below us, whether that's a river, a pond, or just our dog in the backyard enjoying themselves. Railings offer a great place to lean over and enjoy nature. You can look across at the beautiful sunrise or sunset, watch the fish swim below, or even just meditate for a few moments of solitude. Compass Outdoor Design offers the best railing design throughout DFW. Call to get started today!


We believe that having the outdoor living space of your dreams is a necessity these days. When considering remodeling projects for your home, consider your indoor/outdoor living designs first. There are so many benefits to being outdoors in nature, soaking up the sun's rays that provide life-giving vitamin D to breathing fresh air, listening to the birds sing, and watching the sun rise or set at the end of another busy day. Humans not only need routine in their lives, but they need the cyclical rhythm and patterns that only nature can provide.

Compass Outdoor Design in Dallas/Fort Worth offers the best outdoor living design services for your home. From railing design to pools, pergolas, and covered patios, our team has the experience necessary to offer you a unique design that suits your needs. We incorporate all of the outdoor living design elements, from hardspace to softscape, and ensure you have the perfect mix of aesthetic appeal. We offer an easy outdoor design process that includes a discovery phase, design, pre-construction, creation, and our warranty process. Our mission is 100% customer satisfaction every time.

If you are interested in any of our outdoor living design services, including railing design, contact our design build firm in DFW today!

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