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Paver Design in Dallas/Fort Worth

Creating Great Walking Spaces

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Functional and Beautiful Outdoor Designs

Odds are, you've stepped on many pavers throughout your lifetime. While many people think of paving stones, pavers can be made from any sort of material, such as concrete, brick, marble, flagstone, and much more. Pavers are smallish blocks of these various materials put together for various purposes, such as for driveways, patios, walkways, and paths to secret gardens. They can be incredibly gorgeous, pleasing to the eye, and add immense value to your outdoor design.

Compass Outdoor Design offers amazing outdoor living design in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, including paver design. Whether you are looking to add a pool, a deck, an arbor, or a privacy fence, we can help. Our expert team has a proven outdoor living design process that makes bringing your vision to life easy. Contact us for a free consultation today!

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  Easy to maintain






  Easy to install


  Weather resistant


  Easy to repair

  Adds to your home's value


When the weather takes a turn for the worse, which it can do here in Dallas, the last thing you want is muddy or wet shoes. Paving stones offer you a great path to keep off the grass and out of the mud. Pavers are all-natural and are a hardscaping material that you truly can't afford to not incorporate into your outdoor living design. Below, we'll examine some more of the benefits of pavers. Contact Compass Outdoor Design in Dallas/Fort Worth to learn more and to get started on paving block designs today.


Adds Aesthetics

The earth around us is amazingly gorgeous no matter how you look at it. From the bright blue skies and the deep blue of the oceans to the green fields and snowy mountaintops, everywhere you look there is beauty all around. Paving stones are just types of rock that boast their own aesthetics, from deep, rich colors to many different textures and patterns that add value to our outdoor living design and, ultimately, to our lives. Install patio pavers today!

Easy to Maintain

Our most precious commodity is our time. Most of us don't have enough time as it is to accomplish everything we need to do. Thus, the easier something is to do or to keep, the happier we are. Paving stones and patio pavers are super easy to maintain. All you do is wash pavers off with a pressure washer when they collect too much dirt or mud, rake off the leaves and grass clippings, and use a weed wacker to keep up their aesthetics. It's that simple.


Paving stones can be used in many areas and for many uses and purposes in your outdoor living space in Dallas/Fort Worth. You can have a patio made completely from pavers, a walking path, a driveway paver, a garden ring made from pavers, a circle around your trees, and so much more. Not only are pavers useful for being a flat surface to walk on, but they add spice to a front or backyard as well.


Let's face it, since most of us are on a time crunch, we want to be able to design an outdoor living space that will not only suit our purposes for years to come, but will also last, so once implemented, you won't have to worry about any upgrades or repairs for many years. There aren't too many items that are as durable as natural stone, which is why pavers have grown in popularity in recent years. Call to learn more about paver design today!

Weather Resistant

There is nothing you can do about the weather. When Mother Nature unleashes her fury, all you can do is grin and bear it. Outdoor elements have no say in taking shelter from the elements. Pavers are extremely resistant to cracking, tree roots, erosion, frost, snow, moisture, deicing salt, and more. Shovels or snow plows won't scratch or scuff your paving stones, and they are highly resistant to earthquakes. They also allow for expansion and contraction quite easily.


Let's face it, creating the outdoor living design of your dreams can be costly when you add in all of the different elements you want. The cost of an outdoor pool, spa, kitchen, patio, pergola, fountain, and plant life all add up, and while you want a beautiful oasis to enjoy, you don't want to break the bank either. Since pavers are stones from the earth, they are low-cost and an extremely affordable design element to add to your outdoor living space. Call to get started on your paver design today!

Easy to Replace

Given that paving stones are individual pieces, they are super easy (and affordable) to replace should one become damaged, cracked, or broken. This is quick to do and avoids the hassle of having to replace a whole concrete slab. This also allows you to change out a design quickly if need be. You can also remove some paving stones in the future in order to add in a different outdoor design element, such as a fire pit, water feature, outdoor kitchen, a retaining wall, and more.


Compass Outdoor Design in Dallas/Fort Worth offers the best outdoor living designs for your home or office. We have years of experience in designing outdoor spaces to meet your needs, be functional, and be engaging to your senses. We use a variety of materials, incorporating hardscape and softscape designs, in order to bring you a custom outdoor design you will love. No matter if you are looking for an entire re-design or just a small corner of your yard, we can help.

We've developed a proven five-step outdoor living design process that makes it easy to implement your design. We begin with the discovery phase, where we have a great conversation with you about your goals and hopes for your outdoor living space. Then, we sketch out your design and gather your input in order to finalize the details. Once the final design is completed and you're happy with it, we get hammering (literally!).

In the pre-construction phase, we gather all necessary permits and materials, as well as plan out your timeframe so you'll be in the loop on when tasks will be completed. The creation phase begins where your outdoor living design will take root and grow right before your eyes. Once completed, we'll do a final walkthrough, and our craftsmanship carries a great warranty.

Compass Outdoor Design is a design-build company based in Dallas and serving the greater Dallas area including Fort Worth that specializes in transforming your outdoor spaces, including with paver design services. Call us to get started today!

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