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Deck Design in Dallas/Fort Worth

Making Your Outdoor Space Liveable

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Decks & Patios in DFW

Many people love decks. They are beautiful, can be customized, and add much needed functional space to your backyard. Decks improve your outdoor living space by adding a place to comfortably sit while entertaining guests outdoors. They are great for sitting, entertaining, and listening to the birds chirp and the bees buzz. Soothing and relaxing, decks and patios are some of homeowners favorite additions to their outdoor living space.

Compass Outdoor Design offers the best deck designs for Dallas and Fort Worth residents. We can design your deck around existing features, such as landscaping, ponds, and pools, or use your deck to add in a spa. Decks open up your outdoor space so you can take in the starry night or the blue skies with ease, comfort and style. Contact our outdoor design company for a free quote today!

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  Adds value to your home

  Adds function to your outdoor living space

  Creates more entertaining space

  Looks good

  Adds in more storage space

  Decreases backyard landscaping maintenance

  Creates a space to unwind

  And more!

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Decks and patios have long been a staple of American homes. However, they have truly only come into their own in the last decade or so. When they were first beginning to be built in the 1970s on homes, they were small, rectangular shapes that measured only about 8 by 10 feet. That's tiny compared to the massive decks that are quite common today. This small space only allowed for limited extra functionality, such as for a grill to have a place to sit. Decks were almost always built out of hardwood, which varied depending on the part of the country you lived in.

Compass Outdoor Design is an outdoor living design company based in Dallas/Fort Worth. For many years, we've been providing the best outdoor designs, including deck designs, to area residents that extend the use of their home and give them a great place to relax and unwind. We also offer many other outdoor features, including outdoor kitchens, fireplaces, pergolas, patios, pools, spas, and sunrooms. We are the only outdoor design company in Dallas that can design and construct your outdoor vision from start to finish. Below, we'll go over some of the benefits of deck design in more detail. Contact our outdoor living design company today!


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Adds Property Value to Your Home

Many homeowners love the idea of having usable outdoor living space, and having a space for your grill to sit is important indeed. One of the best features of adding a deck to your home is the fact that you'll get more bang for your buck than adding an indoor addition. It's a minimum cost per square footage, and when or if you go to sell your home, you can see on average a 75% return on this investment.

Adds Personal Value & Functional Space to Your Home

While adding value to your home is a perk, many love the idea of having a unique space outdoors that they can enjoy. Most decks are located off the main floor living area or kitchen. It is extremely easy to grab your cup of coffee and a book in the morning and go outside and sit and read. You'll breathe in fresh air, soak in the relaxing sounds of nature, and fortify your mind and spirit for your tasks ahead. A deck can be used for many tasks, from relaxing and entertaining to eating and even exercising. If you invest in a covered deck, you can put a TV outside as well and unwind with your favorite shows in the crisp, cool air.

Decreases Your Landscaping Needs

Depending on the size of your deck, you can significantly decrease your landscaping and mowing needs with a deck addition. This is especially important as you age and yard work becomes harder to keep up with. While this is a minor benefit of adding a custom-designed deck to your outdoor space, it is one to consider, especially if you are considering aging in place.

Creates Additional Entertainment Space

For many, additional entertainment space is a must-have these days. Having parties indoors can be fun during the winter, but if you have a lot of people, it can become claustrophobic quickly. Plus, your home may not be big enough with a growing family, and having the option of being outside on a covered deck can be life-saving, especially if you have little kids who need to wear off their energy. You can also sit outside and watch your kids easily with a great deck design by Compass Outdoor Design in Dallas/Fort Worth.

Offers More Storage Space

A lot of homeowners realize that storage space can be at a premium these days, especially if you have a growing family. From storing strollers, cribs, and extra toys to the need for Christmas and holiday storage, storage space can run out quickly, even when you use the garage for household items instead of your vehicles. Depending on the size of your deck, you can purchase a storage shed or container to hold a variety of tools, from gardening tools to the kids' outdoor toys. Not to mention having a dedicated space for your patio set and grill is important as well.


Compass Outdoor Design specializes in creating the perfect outdoor living space for your needs. We are the only company in North Texas that is all-inclusive, handling your outdoor design project from start to finish. From decks and patios to pools, spas, and outdoor kitchens, we can make your backyard into the oasis you've always dreamed of. After all, coming home to a beautiful outdoor space where you can unwind from your day and let the kids play is what life is all about. 

Our design team can help you craft your vision by helping you to think about the purpose of your outdoor space and the major features you want. Our design process starts with a meeting at your home so we can get a good feel for the space and for your vision. Then, we'll sit down and draw up your idea and put it all on a computer. Once it's finished, we'll present you with our idea for your input and changes. Then a budget will be drawn up, and we'll enter our pre-construction phase. Finally, we'll begin the build, and seeing your satisfaction with the finished product is what we live for.

By investing in custom designed outdoor living spaces, you'll have everything you want and more to truly enjoy for years to come. Reach out to our outdoor living company today for a free estimate!

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